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It is not always easy to write a historical novel, but luckily these days research can be done with a press of a few buttons, however you can only hope that the information you read is correct.


I have endeavoured to make my book as historically accurate as possible, although there have been occasions where I have used artistic licence – the story is set around 1860 and Bristol Temple Meads Railway station wasn’t quite up and running then, the nearest railway station was in Keynsham, but it is such a lovely building I really wanted to include it in my story.

Here are some of the links and books used.

As you can see the Queens Hotel is still up and running:

And to share with you some beautiful scenery in Cumbria:



Life in Victorian Bristol – Helen Reid

Victorian Women – Joan Perkin

Western Medicine an Illustrated History

Men in Arms – series of books

Victorian Fashion - Jayne Shrimpton

Life in Victorian England – W. J Reader

The Illustrated History of the 19th Century

The British Empire – P. J Marshall

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Costume and Fashion – Jack Cassin Scott

London's East End History tour - Michael Foley 

London's East End, A Guide for family and local Historians - Jonathan Oates -

Victorian London, Life of a City 1840 - 1870 Liza Picard -

The Blackest Streets - Sarah Wise

Dirty Old London, the Victorians Fight against Filth - Lee Jackson -




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